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Hello, my name is: Dave

I live with: Family

In a: House

That's located in: Lowell, MA

The first thing I do in the morning is: Think about a coffee and a cigarette

Then I get dressed. My favorite item of clothing is: Shitty sweatshirt

Then I pick up my phone which is a: iPhone

I call up: B-Hat Pat

I mostly like to skate with: Manny Santiago, Serge Murphy, Nicky Lamarche, Shane Perry

My favorite kind of spots are: Ditches, tranny spots

The best place I ever skated was: Hadley Park, Malibu Mountains

It's a good day if I can land a: Just a FS 5-0 and a FS disaster

After the session I like to: Hopefully get a trick, smoke a cig

My favorite place to get a meal is: 99 Restaurant

At night I like to: Play pool. Kickback

What I don't like to do is: Trying to warm up in the cold

My favorite trip was: Detroit, Michigan

I'd say the soundtrack to my life is: Notorious B.I.G.

And the film character I most relate to is: Leo Fitzpatrick in Kids . Haha. J/K. I really don't know who

If I had a million dollars I would: Move my friends and I to Brazil. Buy a house, build a mini, buy a wife and a pocket translator

But since I don't have a million dollars I'm going to: Party at Hadley with the friends and skate it up

If you see me on the street be sure to: Say "What's up"

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