He isn't necessarily a quiet dude, but he most definitely is not fond of interviews. Without sounding overly cliché, I truly believe Dave's the kind of person who prefers to let his actions speak on his behalf. People close to Dave tell me that he's the most humble person they've ever met. I can't disagree. When he first started riding for City, he would call for boxes…and when I say boxes, my use of plurality is deceiving. Dave would ask for, and be totally satisfied with, one board. Or one t-shirt. Today, several years later, he's still the same guy who’s more than happy to receive any free product. When we send him a box of six or seven decks, he calls up and says he'll be set for the next half year. Funny thing is, nobody deserves it more than him. Shit, I think the only reason he wants any money is because he's trying to save up and build his own house. That, and he needs cash for Marlboro cartons.
The interview you're about to read was conducted a couple weeks ago, as we sat in the San Francisco airport awaiting a flight to China. It's the most sincere glimpse into the mind of the Big Bachinsky, and even discloses the tentative date of the What the F**k is a Bachinsky?

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