Russ Profile

Hello, my name is: Russ

I live with: Jeff Shredman

In a: Apartment

That's located in: North Vancouver

The first thing I do in the morning is: Make coffee, then drink it

Then I get dressed. My favorite item of clothing is: My Philly Eagles hat

Then I pick up my phone which is a: Piece of shit

I call up: Kurtis Filippone

I mostly like to skate with: Ambleside folk

My favorite kind of spots are: Smooth ledge spots

The best place I ever skated was: Moscow

It's a good day if I can land a: Tre flip

After the session I like to: Eat a nice meal

My favorite place to get a meal is: Andreas italian on Lonsdale

At night I like to: Chill

What I don't like to do is: Work

My favorite trip was: My first trip to europe

I'd say the soundtrack to my life is: Gza - Liquid Swords

And the film character I most relate to is: James Bond

If I had a million dollars I would: Pay off my credit cards and be stress free

But since I don't have a million dollars I'm going to: Crack a bottle of wine and forget about them

If you see me on the street be sure to: Say whatup. Or not. Whatever

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